Human-Urban Spatial-temporal Knowledge discoverY(HUSKY)

Shenzhen Technology University, Guangdong, China

Recent News

  • 🏫Feb. 2023: The course Digital Image Processing taught by me will be started from 23 Feb. 2023 [course page].

  • 📃Jan 2023: New [paper] on Urban scaling law has been accepted by Geo-spatial Information Science(GSIS).

  • 📣Oct 2022: 2022 Basic Research Program of Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation(Natural Science Foundation of Shenzhen) [grant number JCYJ20220530152817039](30万)is new granted[List].

  • 📃Oct 2022: New [paper] on Transport Inequality has been accepted by Cities (Top journals in urban and region studies).

  • 📣Sep 2022: Our HUSKY Research Group Logo is new released [Download].

  • 📣Sep 2022: Looking for self-motivated students to work with me at HUSKY, SZTU. Please feel free to drop me an email with your CV. [More].

  • 🏫Aug 2022: The course Introducation to Data Science and Big Data(数据科学与大数据导论) taught by me will be started from new semester 2022 [course page].

  • 🏫June 2022: 指导学生(童磊、罗智豪、潘奕涛)参与 [大学生创新创业训练计划项目(校级)] 获得立项.

  • 🏫May 2022: 入选深圳技术大学 [2022年青年教师教育教学能力培养提升计划] .

  • 🏫Apr 2022: The course Digital Image Processing taught by me will be started from 6 Apr 2022 [course page].

  • 📣Apr 2022: I will be a tenure-track Assistant Professor at the Shenzhen Technology University with the College of Big Data and Internet.

  • 📃Mar 2022: New [paper] on GDP Prediction has been accepted by ISPRS Congress.

  • 📃Feb 2022: New [paper] on Traffic Prediction has been accepted by CEUS.

Academic Partnership



Guanzhou Chen

Wuhan University

Postdoctoral Researcher


Qili Gao

University College London (UCL)

Research Fellow


Rui Cao

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Undergraduate Student




CVEO(Computer Vision for Earth Observation team)



The Responsible Urban Intelligence (RUI) Research Group



Shenzhen University

Department of Urban Informatics


Wuhan University

State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing (LIESMARS)